1. Any business entity or any domestic or foreign private person who is already 18 years of age is eligible to rent e-rollers. Children over 10 years of age and having a height of min. 140 cm can use e-rollers with their parents’ approval and signed statement of liability.

2. Lessee shall pay the rental fee in advance. Subsequent to the payment of the rental fee, Owner shall provide the rented vehicle of unimpaired condition and fully charged battery with Lessee.

3. Lessee, in addition to the rental fee, shall pay caution money (please refer to the amounts of said caution money defined in the above chart).

4. Lessee is liable to show any sort of valid personal identification card with his/her photo and another identification card of his/her address (place of residence) and to provide a valid telephone number. Lessee shall either approve the Xerox copying of these documents or allow them to be preserved securely in the term of rental of the rented vehicle and/or accessories.

5. As regards e-rollers, security locks/chains, high-visibility vests, helmets and seats are optional; the use of these is free of any charge, however, separate amount(s) of caution money must be paid until these accessories are returned. The use of such accessories is recommended.

6. Lessee shall bind him/herself to use these accessories properly and proficiently in compliance with their functions. Lessee shall proceed with utmost care in order to maintain proper storage of the accessories and their high security against theft; under all circumstances shall Lessee care for the security locking of the vehicle and the accessories (e.g.: use of security chain/removal of ignition key).

7. Lessee shall bind him/herself to return all accessories in their unimpaired condition to (the representative of) Owner until the end of the rental term at latest. Lessee shall compensate any and all damages caused to the rented e-roller in the case of any damage. Owner shall charge 150% of the basic hourly fee for each e-roller that has been returned with delay. If Lessee notifies Owner of any possible delay 15 minutes prior to the end of the rental term via telephone or personally, the rental fee will be charged/invoiced according to the basic hourly fees.

8. Lessee shall declare that, based on his/her health condition and capabilities, s/he is capable of using the rented e-roller/e-bike/scooter at his/her own risk. Lessee shall declare that s/he shall bear all costs implied by rental and use of the vehicle and shall be held solely responsible for caring for the health, property and liability insurance of his/her own and his/her partners. The latter shall apply to liability insurances related to damages possibly caused to any third party. It is strongly recommended to settle an individual liability insurance policy. Some sort of insurance is always connected with most of the bank cards, and home insurance policies also include some sort of liability insurance policies.

9. Lessee shall understand that s/he shall use the accessories and the vehicle in full conformity with the prevailing traffic laws and rules. If Lessee violated any of such laws or rules, Lessee shall fully be liable to take responsibility and bear all costs incurred from such incident/accident. Owner’s distinct consent is required for driving/carrying any accessory and/or vehicle out of the state administrational boundary of Budapest. If Lessee causes any damage to Owner and/or the rented vehicle and/or any third party and/or any property in consequence of the violation of any traffic law or rule by Lessee, Lessee shall bear full responsibility.

10. Owner and Lessee shall hereby agree that Owner shall be held responsible for any visible damage to any of the rented accessories or vehicle only if such damage has been reported and shown by Lessee to Owner until the beginning of use of such vehicle/accessories at latest and such damage is recorded in the “Remarks” section of this Rental Contract.

11. When used in traffic, Lessee drives the rented vehicle under highly hazardous circumstances, therefore, Lessee shall be held responsible for any damage caused to Owner and/or the rented vehicle and/or any third party and/or any property pursuant to Par. 6.535 of the Hungarian Civil Code on individual responsibility implied by the hazardous operation of vehicles. Lessee shall be considered the operator of the vehicle (bike) during the use of such vehicle.

12. Lessee shall not lease the vehicle (bike) or lease it to any third party, nor shall s/he use it for racing or for towing any other vehicle. Irrespective of the actual party causing any damage (and even if the actual party causing any damage cannot be determined), Lessee shall be held responsible for any damage caused to Owner and/or the rented vehicle and/or any third party and/or any property. Owner shall be eligible to deduct the amount of the loss caused by damage from the caution money, or if such amount is unavailable, to claim such amount to be paid by bank card and/or credit card and/or cash, and Owner shall be eligible to apply for the relevant law enforcement proceeding in order to have its claim compensated.

13. Lessee shall not transport any third party by the rented vehicle. Lessee shall not modify, convert or alter the rented vehicle. If the rented vehicle is part of any traffic incident/road accident or criminal action, Lessee shall report the case to the police and wait for the team of (crime scene) investigators on the site of incident. Irrespective of the law enforcement proceeding, Lessee shall notify Owner of such accident or crime event via telephone and communicate his/her accurate whereabouts. Any damage to the rented vehicle and other circumstances of such accident/crime event and other (physical) injuries must be recorded in minutes which subsequently may serve as the basis of determining responsibility and future claim for and settlement of financial compensation. If nonaged are also involved, Lessee shall understand that primarily their adult escort shall be responsible for their conduct, physical integrity and all accessories to be used by them; if such adult escort is not present, the party leasing such accessories and/or vehicle shall be held responsible for the same.

14. Lessee shall hereby agree to have his/her personal data recorded in a computer database. Owner shall declare that such personal data recorded will be used only for its own purpose and will not be disclosed to any third party.



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